Shortcutz Berlin #64 Session – November 1st

Short #1: “City is the Sea” by Laura Junggeburth

2011, 6.20 min.

Synopsis: A short piece about loneliness, loss and searching for the sea in the city.

Short #2: “iOma” by Maciej Bocianski

2011, 12.25 min.

Synopsis: Granny Hilde would like to buy a special gift for her grandsons´s birthday – an “ePhone”. But it is too expensive. The chance to get it she gets when she visits her husband´s grave. She meets Oliver, businessman, who wants to hang himself and he owns an “ePhone“ Will she be able to do everything to get the dream gift for her grandson?

This week’s Guest Short:”Clown vs. Society” by Brindusa Ioana Nastasa

2011, 9.30min.

Synopsis: This powerful and shocking documentary short tells the poignant story of a professional clown who descended into an alcohol-fuelled depression as the public demand for his performances declined.  When once he would perform in a packed theatre, today he busks in the streets as the people pass him by, largely taking no notice of him at all.  He feels that society is to blame for his demise and so he is suing them for compensation.  Struggling to obtain a date in court, he is hoping that this film will help his case gain the media coverage and recognition it deserves.

More information about the film can be found here!

The Special Guest of this evening is Eva Stotz, creative producer. After gaining experience in diverse areas of filmproduction, 2001 Eva Stotz began her director studies at the German Film- and Television School Berlin (dffb). Following a variety of short fiction films, she turned her attention more and more towards documentaries. With a specific cinematographic approach Eva Stotz tells personal stories against the backdrop of globalisation. SOLLBRUCHSTELLE / DEVIL HIDES IN DOUBT 2008, a documentary about the emotional push and pull of work, was screened at over 20 international film festivals, broadcasted and awarded with several prizes, such as German Television Advancement Award. At Frankfurt Book fair the UVK Verlag published ‘Werkstattberichte Dokumentarfilm’, where Eva Stotz contributed an detailed article. Her latest film GLOBAL HOME, a travelogue about a thrilling new way of travelling and an unexpected benefit of globalisation, celebrated its premiere at South By Southwest Festival in Austin. It recently got nominated for the Maverick Movie Award in two categories.Eva will be showing an excerpt of her last film GLOBAL HOME.

You can find more about Eva´s work by clicking here!


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