Shortcutz Berlin #63 Winner Session – October 25th

The competition shorts of the month of October:

Short #1: “Wir Sterben“, by Josephine Links
Short #2: “Ein Augenblick in Mir“, by Darja Pilz and David M. Lorenz
Short #3: “Cinderella 3.0″ by Sebastian Harrer
Short #4: “Der Wechselbalg” by Maria Steinmetz
Short #5: “Gefühlt” by Christoph Miera
Short #6:
“luv 2 h8 / h8 2 luv” by E. Foteinou, L. Hoffman, L. Snoek and S. Morey

This week’s Guest Short:

“DEVOTION” by The Macuto Collective.
2010, 20 min
Synopsis: After the death of the family’s ninety eight year old butler, two orphans sister decide to look for a substitute. During those days by theirselves, Elisabeth-Marie, the older sister, had been perfectly happy entirely devoted to her little sister with nobody violating their intimacy. She secretly desired their privacy to remain untouched and dreaded the day the new butler was to come. Her feelings towards Sophie, her sister, go beyond sisterly love. This feeling is not reciprocate. When the butler arrives, Sophie is almost immediately attracted to him and Elisabeth-Marie becomes immediately jealous. A flirtatious situation arises between the butler and the little sister and the older one tries to sabotage it in every way she can until one day, while spying him, she notices that the butler is actually a woman in drag. She feels immediately attracted to her and clumsily knocks the door open, thus being caught by the butler. She let’s him know that she knows that he is actually a woman and they begin having an affair hiding from the little sister who is moreand more in love with the butler in his masculine identity. Shortly after, Sophie discovers them during one of their intimate sessions and she is outraged. Elisabeth-Marie tells her that she had no other choice, that all she wanted was not to lose her, Sophie, the woman she loves. The younger sister reacts violently to her sister’s declaration of more than sisterly love and slaps her. Now it is Elisabeth-Marie who is outraged and in a fit of rage decides to poison her sister. This, she does, and after the younger sister is dead and buried, the butler, now a beautiful woman, and the remaining sister live happily ever after.

As our Special Guest of this evening we’ve invited Olaf Stüber, from the “Videoart at Midnight” Project.

Olaf Stüber and Ivo Wessel are running and curating a project called VIDEOART AT MIDNIGHT. For more then three years they have been showing video art on the big screen of the legendary Babylon film theatre in Berlin-Mitte
­ once the month on a Friday at midnight. Each night is dedicated to one artist. The artist is attending ­ it is his/her night. Often They had the chance to celebrate premiers and some
times live acts accompany the video works (performances, concerts, Š). This year they already showed works by Omer Fast, Ming Wong, Christian Jankowski Keren Cytter and Clemens von Wedemeyer. VIDEOART AT MIDNIGHT meanwhile has become a little cult event, which attracts an audience of up to 300 people on some evenings and a circle of more than 2,000 friends on facebook.
The aim of the screening series is to give an insight into the current video art production (of Berlin¹s/Germany¹s international art scene). Both renowned artists as well as upcoming young artists are represented with their works. Ivo Wessel and Olaf Stüber try to get the stars but also continue to look for new discoveries through intense researches and numerous studio visits.

Join us at the Filmkunst Bar FitzcarraldoReichenberger Straße 133 in Kreuzberg. Entrance is and will remain free. See you all on Thursady!


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