Shortcutz Berlin #62 Session: October 18

Short #1: “Gefühlt” by Christoph Miera

2011, 15min.

Synopsis: “It’s so wonderful to swim in the sea and feel the waves changing the bottom!” It’s so nice to skate, touch the cold ice, feel your loved ones with more than the eye! The world unseen but sensed. A short film journey in the world of touch, through which we are guided by blind Karina and her seeing-eye dog Portes.
Short #2: “luv 2 h8 / h8 2 luv” by E. Foteinou, L. Hoffman, L. Snoek and S. Morey

2011, 6 min.

Synopsis: An ethnographic short-film by Elina Foteinou, Lorenz Hoffman, Lisa Snoek and Stéphane Morey. Hipsters, what exactly is a hipster? everyone seems to know, but no one will admit being one. In this film we explore our ideas, preconceptions and self-denial about the hipsters we see and the hipsters we are. Framed by superficial statements on gentrification in Neukölln, Berlin, we analyse what we can describe and interpret the dynamics and politics of hipsterdom.

This week’s Guest Short:”Horst” by Wolf-Tassilo Sack

2009, 15min.

Synopsis: The story about a man, his neighbor, a woman and her fish is based on shortstories of the german cabaret artist Horst Evers.

More information about the film can be found here!

The Special Guest of this evening is Miriam Klein, creative producer. Miriam Klein’s professional career has seen her gain in-depth, international experience in the fashion world. And now, with more recent credits as a Creative Producer on several feature films, she is unifying her two favourite passions into one production company, ‘a litte. film production’, to produce and art direct high quality fashion films.


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