Shortcutz Berlin – #61 Session (October 11)

The competition shorts for this week :

Short #1: “Cinderella 3.0” by Sebastian Harrer

2011, 8.25 min.

Synopsis: In a not too distant future “Cinderella 3.0” and “NewBond” date in a chat room. They seem to describe themselves as boundless exaggerations of themselves. But the technical possibilities to design a one-night stand in the future are endless bizarre – a paradise for fantasies and sexual preferences. The only stress factor: time. After the bell, the Prince will retransform to the Hunchback … Consequently, the main characters don´t speak a single word. The fantastic oversupply makes this unnecessary. In principle, this film is about the loneliness and the loss of (sexual) identity. The only enemies in the battle of the sexes of the 21st century are time and reality.

Short #2: “Der Wechselbalg” by Maria Steinmetz

2011, 8.20 min.

Synopsis: A film version of the story by Selma Lagerloef about a married couple, whose child was replaced with a troll child.

This week’s Guest Short:”Pagani” by Nils Brandt

2009, 15 min.

Synopsis: A long-haired metropolitan woman is a victim of a pagan ritual of a mysterious
village community.

The Special Guest of this evening is Richard Schut from the 48 Hour Film Project.

Richard Schut organizes the 48 Hour Film Project in the Netherlands and Germany (Berlin). 48 Hour Film Project is an international filmcompetition in which 45.000+ filmmakers in more then 120 cities make a short movie within 48 hour. All movies include a prop, a character and a line of dialogue the filmmakers hear on friday night at the start of the 48 hour. More info at Besides the 48 Hour Film Project, Richard is also producing interactive films, a dynamic mixture between film, theatre and activism. A recent example can be seen here.
Richard is also showing the 48Hour Project Berlin Winner “Die letzte Stadt”, by Astrid Gleichmann (also winner of Best Directing, Best Music and the Public’s Choice Award) and “Big shoes”, by Nicolás Artajo, winner of Best Use of Prop, Best Actor, Best Sound Design and Best Editing.

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