Shortcutz Berlin – #60 Session (October 4)

Shortcutz Berlin is back with the weekly screeenings after the Summer break!
Here are the competition shorts for the week :
Short #1: “Wir Sterben“, by Josephine Links
2011, 14 min
My grandmother has almost reached the end of her life; her skin became thin as tissue paper. Now it is grandma preparing her good-bye while I realize that her life and death are inseparable from mine. “we die” is an aesthetic approach to the unknown, the traces of time and our upcoming good-bye – somewhere between here and another world.
Short #2: “Ein Augenblick in Mir“, by Darja Pilz and David M. Lorenz
2011, 13 min.
Arne wants to kill himself. But once he’s standing on the chair with the rope around his neck, something unexpected happens…
A tragicomedy about slumbering urges, hidden yearnings and the forgotten child in all of us. A short film about passion and the arts.
Guest Short: “Edgar” by Fabian Busch
2009,  12min.
Since his wife died two years ago, Edgar has been alone. His life has been left without purpose. One day, he leaves his house, determined to find a job. But the saleswoman in the store is not interested. On his way out, Edgar, lost in thought, picks up an umbrella. The store detective detains him. Suddenly, Edgar has his chance.
The Special Guest of this evening is Frédéric Jaeger, editor in chief.
Frédéric Jaeger is editor in chief of German online film magazine In his work for festivals like Cannes’ Critic’s Week or the Berlinale sub-section for young filmmakers Perspektive Deutsches Kinohe has developed a special interest for emerging voices both local and international. An important part of his work lies in spreading the word of film criticism to students.
We are looking forward to see you all there!

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