Shortcutz Berlin Presents Best Shorts at the Offener Garten

Shortcutz Berlin presents a special screening at the OFFENER GARTEN, including one short from each city of the Shortcutz Network – Lisbon, Porto, London, Berlin, Madrid and Faro.

We´ll have the presence of Sandra Almeida, Executive Producer and Communication Manager at Shortcutz Lisboa, plus the team from “Zwischen Himmel und Erde”. Come and join us! The addres is bellow.

Kruppstraße 16
10557 Berlin




– “Desavergonhadamente Real”, Artur Serra Araújo
Shortcutz Lisboa Best Short 2011

Two actors, four characters, one short film inside another one and a sexual tension that won’t stop with the word “cut”.

– “The Babysitter”, Andrew Tidmarsh
Shortcutz London Best Short 2011

Lexi, who is obsessed with celebrities and reality TV, agrees to participate in a documentary about her work as a nanny in which she has specialized in taking care of children of rich and famous people.

– “O amor é a solução para a falta de argumento“, Jorge Quintela
Shortcutz Porto Best Short 2011

What changes is the landscape. All gas stations are gas stations. What changes is the movement.

– “¿Te Vas?”, Cristina Molino
Shortcutz Madrid Best Short February 2012

Silvia has been trapped for a long time in a world she wants to escape from. But today is a different day. She has made a decision: her life will change. This might be her only chance to succeed. How many princesses trapped in a tower do we know? How many stories like this have we heard? History is full of them. Time goes by and these princesses still exist. What is written behind these legends of dragoons, princes and princesses? Once upon a time… The reality.

– “Aqui jaz a minha casa”, Rui Pilão
Shortcutz Faro Winner of the Month of June 2012

Imagine waking up and feeling that this will be your last day, knowing that there is nobody in the village for your funeral. A look at the current territory of Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, the memories and illusions of the past of this strong and noble people left abandoned in its proud land.

– “Zwischen Himmel und Erde”, York-Fabian Raabe
Shortcutz Berlin and Shortcutz Network Best Short 2011

Born and raised in a township, the brothers Koroballa and Tiemogo experience the beauty and brutality of African life. Koroballa tries to flee and sneaks into the landing section of a plane, not knowing that Tiemogo is following him. A story about a family, brotherhood and the wish for a better future begins.


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