Shortcutz Berlin – Session #59 (June 28)

This Thursday it is time to announce the Winner of the month of June! This will be our last Session before the summer break, which means no more Shortcutz Berlin until October!

The June competition shorts :

Short #1: “Wenn die Kühe Glocken tragen” by Christian Günzler
Short #2: “Haltlos” by Tim Dünschede
Short #3: “Bärenklau” by Björn Schürmann
Short #4: “Auswahl” by Dave Lojek
Short #5: “” by Natasha Todd
Short #6: “Ente, Tod und Tulpe” by Andrea Simon

This week’s Guest Short:

“NURSED” by Sarah-Tabea Sammel
2011, 20 min
Synopsis:Two small-time crooks manage to shoot themselves whilst fighting over a theft. Calling for help would lead them to jail, still on bad terms with each another. Holding out would lead them to death, although they might remain friends. A birthday gift for a doctor, who is tied up in occupational issues, brings a new perspective…

As our Special Guests of this evening we’ve invited Anna Jurzik and Paula Syniawa, the directors of the FAVOURITES FILM FESTIVAL. Anna and Paula will bring along and present one film from their festival programme, namely the US short “The Bridge” (2010) directed by Philipp Wolter.

Join us at the Filmkunst Bar FitzcarraldoReichenberger Straße 133 in Kreuzberg. Please note that our last screening, as there is Germany-Italy playing at 8.45pm, will take place at 7pm.
Feel free to come in earlier – from 6.30pm if you will. The screening starts at 7pm sharp, so that we can make everybody happy: Shortcutz Berlin first and then everybody off to watch the match!
Entrance is and will remain free. See you all on Thursady!


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