Some Pictures from Session #56 (June 7) and #57 (June 14)

Session #57 on June 14, hosted by Milena Leszkowicz. Pictures by Luca Urpi:

Alex Bloom – photography/screeplay/editing (left)
Florian Mönks – sound (center)
Björn Schürmann – director (right)

Dave Lojek – director

Special Guest:
Gabriela Tscherniak – director

“Frischluft – Therapie”
Christoph Scheermann – director

Session #56 on June 7, hosted by Rodrigo von Horn. Pictures by Rita Guerreiro:

“Wenn die Kühe Glocken tragen”
Ole Thomas – photography (right)
Katharina Bergfeld – producer (center)

Tim Dünschede – director

Special Guest:
Matthias Fritsch – filmmaker

Xaver Xylophon – director

If you want to see the full albums of photographs from our weekly sessions, just visit us on Facebook!


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