Shortcutz Berlin – May Nominees:

During our next Session we will finally announce the Winner short of the May competition.
Which film will be elected by our Jury as the next monthy Winner after  Joya Thome’s “Geschwister” in April?
Watch the Winner interview with Joya here and if you want to know, which of our 8 Nominess for May made it – 
Join us on Thursday for the May Winner Session!

The May Nominees are:

Short #1: “Was Man nicht sieht” by Kevin Kopacka







Short #2: “In The Conference of Breaths, Silence & Memories”  by Haitham Assem Tantawy







Short #3: “Ferngesteuert” by Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt







Short #4: “1949”  by Paul Florian Müller








Short #5: “Stillstand” by Benjamin Teske







Short #6: “Back to Solitude”  by Joschka Laukeninks







Short #7: “Missing” by Cristian Wiesenfeld







Short #8: “Bad Luck City” by Aaike Stuart


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