Shortcutz Berlin – Session #47 (April 5)

April has arrived and it’s time for us to begin a new month of Competition. This week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: “Head Room” by Kim Collmer
2011, 07.06 min
Synopsis: “Head Room” is a short animation based on interviews of family members describing remembered rooms. The visual language of the film is more symbolic than realistic, like signposts leading us through unknown territory. When conceiving the film, I thought of how often my family has moved, how often many people move, and how those rooms still exist inside of us. Along with my personal inspiration I was also moved to question how new mapping techniques are changing the ways in which we perceive and remember our space. As a cultural fixated on the representation of the physical world, “Head Room” brings it back to the personal level to remind us that our spaces are inhabited by people, by us.

Short #2: “Balkon” by Lars Kreyßig
2011, 10 min
Synopsis: Night-time observations in a courtyard somewhere in the middle of Istanbul – roof tops, brief glimpses into apartments, a handful of inhabitants. Recorded from a single balcony, these scenes resemble miniatures of everyday life in this sprawling metropolis.

This Week’s Guest Short: “Augenblick” by Martin Bargiel
2011, 19.22 min
Synopsis: In the middle of the night a fight between Schenker’s neighbors won’t let him rest. Half asleep his mind is playing tricks on him: constantly he awakes in different places. He tries to put himself back to sleep by smoking one cigarette after another. But soon he runs out of matches and takes a walk to the 24/7 market next door. Accompanied by heavy rain and rumbling thunder he awakes again. But this time not in his bedroom, not in his bathroom nor in the 24/7 market. This time he finds himself in an interrogation room, and he has to face questioning by an inspector about a dead woman. Now his real nightmare begins.

Our Special Guest for this week is filmmaker Kordula Hildebrandt. Kordula will show a part of her most resent film “Tango Berlin“, a documentary about the lively and big! Tango scene in Berlin.

See you all on Thursday!

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