Shortcutz Berlin – Session #45 (March 22)

Short #1
: “Brief eines Mannes an einen Mann” by Fjodor Donderer
2011, 17 min
Synopsis: Jonas was a 21-year-old man. He was poor. And he did nothing to improve his situation. Stiff and numb with fear, in this state, he receives a letter. Old-fashioned guidance for a better life: noble simplicity and quiet grandeur.“Do not be frightened.” “Just do love everything.” This rigorous idealism seems like mockery and ridicule to him, reinforces his self-denial and world-negation. A faint-heart he is, left-handed, too, so he does not quite succeed to put an end to everything. At the sight of so much clumsiness, fate must intervene, with all its irony.

More info about this short on Fjodor Donderer’s website!

Short #2: “Nächster Halt” by Mathias Luna
2011, 6 min
Synopsis: ‘Nächster Halt’ (Next Stop) is a short film documenting one day of people in Berlin on their mundane travels. If focuses on the subject of journey, not only in the current moment, but also on life’s journey. Travelers are interviewed where they are going presently, but furthermore where do they see themselves in one week and in one year, what worries are on their minds. With some interesting and surprising answers the film attempts to break our preformed judgments of the people around us.

Watch the short HERE!

This Week’s Guest Short: “L’Arbre Magique” by Jan Hermel and Nikos Welter
Austria, 2005, 9,13 min
Synopsis: A man, blinded by the blinkers of reason, rediscovers wonder beneath THE MAGIC TREE.

And our Special Guest for this week is filmmaker Marion Pfaus, who will be showing her film “HD 16.9”. More information about Marion’s interesting and divers projects can be found on her website

We hope to see you this Thursday at the Filmkunst Bar Fitzcarraldo in Kreuzberg (Reichenberger Straße 133). The session begins at 8:30 pm and the screenings start at 9 pm. Entrance is as usual free. Come and join us for a nice evening of screenings and drinks in good company.


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