Shortcutz Berlin – Session #44 (March 15)

Short #1
: “Vorsprechen” by Moritz Krämer
2011, 7 min
Synopsis: Thomas bumps into his ex-girlfriend Lisa at an audition for a stageplay. They never officially ended their relationship, just didn’t call each other anymore. While waiting to be called up they rehearse their parts in front of each other. Neither has the courage to ask the real questions, both are afraid to get hurt. Then Thomas gives himself a push…

Short #2: “Rette sich wer kann,” by Daniel Seideneder
2011, 12.10 min
Synopsis: Paramedic Schmidt and his apprentice are in deep trouble with their boss. Now their next emergency call has to go smoothly… if it wasn’t for a seriously obnoxious fly! Things start to get pretty rough when the two feel forced to use their defibrillator as a weapon. This lighthearted comedy about unequal opponents and inappropriate weapons stars Timo Dierkes, Pit Bukowski and Klaus Schindler.

Click HERE to watch the teaser of “Rette sich wer kann”!

This Week’s Guest Short: “Here rests my home” by Rui Pilão
Portugal, 2011, 12.20 min
Synopsis: Imagine waking up and feeling that this will be your last day, knowing that there is nobody in the village for your funeral. A look at the current territory of Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, the memories and illusions of the past of this strong and noble people left abandoned in its proud land.

Watch “Here rests my home” by clicking HERE!

As Special Guest this week, we will welcome Rochus Wolff of Rochus manages public relations and marketing for this Berlin-based film community and recommendation engine. In his spare time, he works as a freelance film critic and blogger and he just returned to Berlin after two years in Paris, the ‘other’ European capital of cinema. 

We look forward to seeing you all this Thursday at the Filmkunst Bar Fitzcarraldo in Kreuzberg (Reichenberger Straße 133). The session begins at 8:30 pm and the screenings start at 9 pm. Entrance is as usual free. Come and join and bring some friends to enjoy an evening of screenings and conversations!


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