Shortcutz Berlin – Special (February 9)

In these days of biting cold, snow and Berlinale, Shortcutz Berlin, for its 39th Session, is coming back for you with a very special program.

On that day, don’t expect to see any Competition Shorts. As always, our program will include a Guest Short (Paseo por la Tarde by Francisco Saco) and a Guest Speaker (the Network Awesome) but also much more.

If you had the misfortune to miss them last year, you will be lucky this Thursday, as we will screen two movies that were distinguished in the Shortcutz Berlin Awards with two Awards each one.

Shortcutz Berlin Awards 2011Best Art Direction & Best Visual/Special Effects

Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness by Bryn Chainey
2010, 10 minutes
Synopsis: One day Jonah left his wife and child. He gave no explanation, only a telephone number, before blasting to outer space with his homemade spaceship.

Jury Statements:
– “The surreal story concentrates on its character, who’s inner world is emphasized by the creative setting, a whole universe, where hardly anybody else seems to fit.” Alec Crichton
– “Outstanding creative, beautifully shot and narrated fairytale.” Florian Rosenbauer

Shortcutz Berlin Awards 2011Best Animation Short & Best Original Music

Repitu by Jana Richtmeyer
2010, 6 minutes
Synopsis: One moment of inattention and the race against time, whether and technology begins.

Jury Statements:
– “The surprising affective power of fabrication implicit in all animation is foregrounded in Jana Richtmeyer¹s 5-and-a-half-minute film. By celebrating the simplicity of its means, based mainly in the contrast between line-drawing and the constructed miniature paper spaces upon which those drawings are superimposed, the film allows those two levels of creation and (im)materiality to interact in a charming and even moving way to tell the story of a beloved pet that gets away, is lost, and then is saved against all odds.” Robin Curtis
– “Andreas Lange’s score in ‘Repitu’ supports the main character’s feelings, underlines the atmosphere and creates suspence. The music opens a window to the spectator’s emotions and invites one into the world of the short film”Alice Flotron

And also, as Guest Short we will have:
Paseo por la Tarde by Francisco Saco
Cuba, 2009, 9 minutes
Synopsis: An overcast afternoon in usually sunny Miami, Florida acts as the backdrop for a pleasant drive with my grandmother, Ruth Saco. Though not usually one to talk at length about the past, she opens up to me about her childhood growing up in a pre-Castro Cuba and her eventual immigration to the United States. Driving under the sleepy willows that populate the Coral Gables neighborhood, she talks to me about a bygone era while I drive her around with no particular destination in mind.

Our Special Guests this evening will be Jason Forrest and Cory Vielma, from the Network Awesome. Time to learn more about this awesome project!

See you Thursday for this, that and more, much much more! Come, it’s free!

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