Shortcutz Berlin – December’s 2011 Winner

We are very happy to send out our congratulations to Johannes Krohn, whose film            “A Day In My Life” was elected by our Jury as the Best Short Film of the month of  December’.

Synopsis:  Johannes Krohn is a Berlin based Illustrator und musician. His film is an experiment. The subject – Metropolis – is approached equally by music and drawing. Krohn has aimed to take up the performative character of music and to make the emergence of a drawing – a reality – the core of his story. A day in life means in this case not a particular day in life, but rather the partial units of life that humans are able to grasp. Krohn juxtaposes this naïve view with the city and it’s smallest partial unit: The human, who cannot hold on or find an overview. Referring to «Symphony of a Metropolis» this work can be seen as «Folksong of a Metropolis.»

Just click HERE if you would like to watch “A Day in My Life”!

A Day In My Life” is the last monthly winner of 2011 and the 8th film to enter the BEST SHORT FILM OF THE YEAR competition! To help your memory, as it has been a while, here are the 8 monthy winners our jury elected since February :

– February Winner: Der kleine Nazi by Petra Lüschow
– March Winner: Apollo by Felix Gönnert
– April Winner: Manolo by Robert Bohrer
– May Winner: Mein Mallorca by Bernadette Knoller
– June Winner: Zwischen Himmel und Erde by York-Fabian Raabe
– October Winner: A Lucky Day by Woo-Jun Sung
– November Winner: HeratWork by Nils Strüven
– December Winner: A Day in my Life by Johannes Krohn

And when will we know which film won? you are probably asking now. The answer is: at the Shortcutz Berlin Awards – our annual award giving ceremony, which will take place on January 27 at .HBC in Berlin. More information about this event will be avaible in a special section of our blog, to be published very soon!

For now we wish you all wonderful Holidays and keep in mind that we are on winter break until January 12.


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