Shortcutz Berlin – Session #33 (December 15)

Short #1: “Die Große Plai Chumpon Totenparty” by Valerie Bäuerlein
2010, 17 min
Synopsis: Two generations, loosely linked in the suburban areas of Berlin: F. is a musician (inspired by the musician John Fahey, who died in 2001), solitarily, without a relationship, without constant employment. His life at a turning point takes place mainly indoor, facing lost illusions like his failed relationship. In contrast the three teenagers Fuat, Son and Amsel are wandering through the city, still ignoring the borders the adults are trying to settle. Movement, communication and artistic practice are the tools in this rough state description, with which is insured again and again that one is still alive.

Short #2: “Zyklus I” by Sebastian Lörscher
2010, 1.40 min
Synopsis: Gather your strength, protect yourself in armour and ignite the bomb. Move into combat with yourself and grow from it.”Zyklus I” – a short and brisk arousal of icy bark, sharp branches and bubbling leaves.

This Week’s Guest Short: “Der Anti Ödipus” by Dirk Peuker
Germany, 2010, 19 min
Synopsis:  A man removes himself from civilization. A journey without a destination. An old man joins him. The young man feels responsible for the old one, and carries him on his back. Together, they wander through various landscapes which collectively create an abstract geometry. They undergo together a sort of symbolic initiation.

As for our Special Guest: This week we are looking forward to welcome Oliver Kyr, who will be sharing with us some of his experiences as a writer and director. Oliver will also present a part of his new film  “THE BIG BLACK”.

We hope to see you on Thursday at the Filmkunst Bar, (Reichenberger Straße 133) in Kreuzberg. The session begins at 8:30 pm and the screenings start at 9 pm. Entrance is as usual free. See you all there!


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