Shortcutz Berlin – Session #32 (December 8)

Short #1: “Souterrain” by Erwin Häcker
2010, 10.20 min
Synopsis: During a burglary, a boy is nearly caught by his female neighbor. He hides undetected, but finds out that she‘s in mortal danger. Suddenly it‘s a question of conscience: Should he warn her and reveal himself? He decides to undertake something, not knowing if he can really succeed.

Click HERE to watch the trailer!

Short #2: “Me- Apparatus” by Susan Kreher and Mandy Blaurock
2010, 10.22 min
Me-apparatus tries to spot the human body. It`s a safari through the known unknown continent. The journey begins with the simply act of putting on a jumper and ends with a ball of wool floating in the universe. A showcase of stories about loved and unloved body parts were presented in an original perspective with fantastical, quirky images.

To watch “Me-Apparatus”, just click HERE!

This Week’s Guest Short: “Betty B. & the The’s” by Felix Stienz
Germany, 2009, 13 min
Tobias B.’s life is not crowned with success. A short man with no work and no friends and no smile on his face. One evening he comes across to Betty B. the huge chanteuse of the Band: Betty B. & the The’s.

Our Special Guest(s)  this week is the team of XPOSED International Queer Film Festival. Bartholomew Sammut, Nicole Stecker and Michael Stuetz will introduce their baby
(to all those who don’t know it yet), which will be happening in June 2012 in it’s 7th edition already! 
They are also planing to tell us a bit about their crowdfunding campaign, which they are starting this week to raise money for the festival and they will present the campaign video.

We hope to see you and your friends on Thursday at the Filmkunst Bar, (Reichenberger Straße 133) in Kreuzberg. As usual the session begins at 8:30 pm and the screenings start at 9 pm. Entrance is free, so see you all there!


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