Shortcutz Berlin – Session #31 (December 1)

Short #1: “Chica XX Mujer” by Isabell Šuba
2010, 13 min
Synopsis: Chica XX Mujer accompanies a girl in Venezuela on her way of becoming a woman. In one of the countries with the highest amount of cosmetic surgery and Miss Universe winners, this process is no longer natural. On her 15th birthday, Génesis wants to be celebrated like a princess, but for that she has to bear painful preparations.

Short #2: “A Day in my Life” by Johannes Krohn
2010, 5.16 min
Synopsis: Johannes Krohn is a Berlin based Illustrator und musician. His film is an experiment. The subject – Metropolis – is approached equally by music and drawing. Krohn has aimed to take up the performative character of music and to make the emergence of a drawing – a reality – the core of his story. A day in life means in this case not a particular day in life, but rather the partial units of life that humans are able to grasp. Krohn juxtaposes this naïve view with the city and it’s smallest partial unit: The human, who cannot hold on or find an overview. Referring to «Symphony of a Metropolis» this work can be seen as «Folksong of a Metropolis.»

This Week’s Guest Short: “Bum Bum” by Marcus Schuster and Richard Kropf
Germany, 2006, 16 min
Synopsis: In 1991, Boris Becker loses against Michael Stich in Wimbledon’s German-German Tennis-final. By then, Michi (11) has worked out for four years in front of Television and developed his personality to sheer invincibility. Now it is ultimately at him to revenge Boris.

Our Special Guest for this week is Billy MacKinnon, Producer and Screenwriter. Billy, who is known amongs others for the films “Marrakesch” (1998) and “Small Faces” ( 1996) will be sharing with us some insight about screenwriting.

We hope to see you on Thursday at the Filmkunst Bar, (Reichenberger Straße 133) in Kreuzberg. The session begins at 8:30 pm and the screenings start at 9 pm. Entrance is as usuall free. See you all there!


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