Shortcutz Berlin – Session #30 (November 24)

This Thursday it is time to announce, which Short was (s)elected by our jury as Best Short for the Month of November.

Short #1: “Nach Klara“ by Stefan Butzmühlen
Short #2: “HeartWork“ by Nils Strüven
Short #3: “Hinterhof“ by Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu
Short #4: “Meet me in Memoriam“ by Alina Trebbin
Short #5: “N-Arratives“ by Eva Becker
Short #6: “Success“ by Micah Magee

This Week Guest Short:  “THE LEGEND OF JONNY KING” by Jonathan Courtney 
Germany 2010, 20 min

Synopsis: Jonny King wakes up with a headache, a Detective at his front door, a girl tied up in his kitchen and that’s before things start to turn bad! The Legend of Jonny King is a dark comedy about how simple misunderstandings can cause situations to spiral completely out of control. Jonny can only sit back and watch as the events unfold around him.

Shot in Ireland and produced in Germany; Jonathan Courtney directs his most ambitious film to date. The Legend of Jonny King is a strange, hilarious and sometimes disturbing look into the life of someone having a very, very shitty day.

Our Special Guest for this week is Beatrice Behn. Beatrice is the Director of the International Comedy Film Festival. She will be telling us a bit about this great and upcoming! event, which will take place from the 7-14th of December. Beatrice will also curate for us a few, certainly funny, shorts. 

We will be waiting for you, as every week at the Filmkunst BarReichenberger Straße 133 in Kreuzberg, the session starts at 8:30 pm and the screenings at 9 pm. Entrance is and will remain free. You are very welcome to join us!


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