Shortcutz Berlin – Session #25 (October 20)

Short #1
: “The Eye” by The Macuto Collective
2010, 11:27 min
Synopsis: A man’s infatuation with the subjects of his Super 8 films goes as far as to intrudes in their reality. Or, maybe, it is the other way round? This short was inspired by Julio Cortázar‘s shortstory, “Las Babas del Diablo” (“The Droolings of the Devil“).

Short #2: “A Lucky Day” by Woo-Jun Sung
2011, 18:00 min
Synopsis: A vietnamese girl sells smuggled goods with fantasy. A story about how to grow up and the situation of vietnamese families in Berlin.

This Week’s Guest Short: “A Round Indentity” by Israel Aten
USA, 12:04 min
A heart felt story about a child who uses his imagination and creativity to cope with abandonment, alienation and the traumatic death of his older brother. The past creates a sense of identity and struggle, however can a sense of identity become a form of imprisonment?

Our Special Guest for this week is Andrew HornAndrew Horn studied Dance and Film making at the New York University School of The Arts. He moved to Berlin in 1989 upon receiving a DAAD grant, where he now lives and work as filmmaker and a journalist. Horn originally became known with his experimental dance films and has also made feature films such as “Doomed Love“(1983) and “The Big Blue” (1988). His most recent film was 2004’s “The Nomi Song” about the singer Klaus Nomi, famous for his rare voice (counter tenor) and his extravagant outfits. Nomi was an iconic figure in the New York underground who enjoyed cult popularity in the New-Wave scene of the late seventies. During his intervention, Andrew Horn will share with us his experience as a filmmaker and will screen an extract of “The Nomi Song

Don’t forget: We are now at the Filmkunst BarReichenberger Straße 133 in Kreuzberg, the session starts at 8:30 pm and the screenings at 9 pm. Entrance is and will remain free, don’t hesitate to show up.


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