Shortcutz Berlin – Session #22 (June 30)

This Thursday is our last Thursday before October. After that last and twenty-second Session, Shortcutz Berlin will take a three months long Summer Pause. Which means we won’t have any Sessions before the October 6. Which doesn’t mean we won’t work, look for Shorts and Guest Speakers in between. So don’t missed it, this Thursday we will announce the Winner of the month of June!

Short #1: “Little Brother is Watching You” by Florian Bayer
Short #2: “A Glass of Milk” by Benjamin Pates
Short #3: “Zoe” by Stefan Lengauer
Short #4: “Fower Power” by Wotjek Skowron
Short #5: “Ungeschriebene Gesetze” by Sven Wegner
Short #6: “Homestories” by Juan Sarmiento
Short #7
: “Zwischen Himmel und Erde” by York-Fabian Raabe
Short #8
: “Lamentoby Mauro Paglia

This Week Guest Short: “Esterhazy” by Izabela Plucińska.
Synopsis: The young rabbit Esterhazy is sent on an important mission: find the tallest wife possible. In a small rabbit´s paradise between two walls, Esterhazy finds his true love. But just at that moment, the Berlin Wall falls and hits the peaceful rabbit world like a bomb…

And, last but not least, acting as achtung berlin – new berlin film award festival director, Sebastian Brose will be our Special Guest for this evening. The last edition of achtung berlin took place in April and it was a week full of films – from feature and documentary to short films – with special focus on the productions made in Berlin-Brandeburg. The short film section included several shorts that were also shown on Shortcutz Berlin. On Thursday, Sebastian Brose will talk with us about the achtung berlin film festival and his perspective about shortfilms as well as, only if you public is well-behaved, screen a Süßigkeit.


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