Shortcutz Berlin – Session #20 (June 16)

This Week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: Ungeschriebene Gesetze” by Sven Wegner
Synopsis: Tom is convinced that there are certain rules for the happy togetherness of men and women in a big city. And he plans to follow them in the near future.

Short #2: “Homestories” by Juan Sarmiento
Synopsis: The flatlands in Brandenburg, Germany, quiet small towns, wide fields, lakes and forests define the landscape. In poetic Super 8 images, Home Stories tells about life in this region, about remembering and forgetting, about young and old people. A short documentary film about the timeless feelings towards home.

This Week’s Guest Short: “Driving Élodie” by Lars Henning
Synopsis: The young set runner Tim is allowed to drive the French independent star Élodie Bouchez to the airport after she is wrapped. The melancholic atmosphere of their travel through the night, the mood of the radio and their isolated companionship creates an unexpected intimacy, and for a moment everything seems possible.

Our Special Guest for this week is Marcus Kreiss, member and founder of the TV channel Souvenirs from Earth.

Souvenirs from Earth is an international Cable TV station broadcasting in France and Germany that presents a program based on Video art, Film, Visual art, Music, Installations and Performances. Marcus Kreiss will talk with us about the channel and his perspective of television and art.


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