Shortcutz Berlin – Session #19 (June 9)

This Week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: Zoe” by Stefan Lengauer
Synopsis: Zoe, a young girl nearly out of her teens, strolls aimlessly through the nights and clubs of Berlin. Longing for intimacy and security, she subjects herself to repeated, indiscriminate sex until a random encounter opens her eyes to another possibility – exploitation of her body and sexuality. The game intrigues her for a while, but the reality becomes too much.

Short #2: “Flower Power” by Wojtek Skowron
Synopsis: About flowers.

This Week’s Guest Short: “Une Sale Journée” by Pierre Commault
Synopsis: As he hardly recovers from last night’s crazy party, Joseph Moko is violently pulled out of his bed by the ring of his doorbell. Though he is not really up to it, he gets up to open the door. Here is his uncle Yves who comes to entrust him with a mysterious box. Poor Joseph is not about to go back to bed!

Our Special Guest for this week is Matthieu Schmit. Born in Paris in 1977, Matthieu Schmit has directed 12 short films, produced and directed TV commercials. Since ten years he co-writes films scripts with Benjamin Covo, with whom he created Klendatu Films in 1999. He also works on special effects and post-production for cinema and television. On Thursday, Matthieu Schmit will come to speak with us about his carreer as an international film director and producer after the screening of one of his latest short, “L’Acteur“.
Synopsis:  Bob has found the solution to all his problems, he is going to become an actor.


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