Shortcutz Berlin – Session #17 (May 26)

This Thursday, we will announce the Winner of the month of May!

Short #1: “Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness” by Bryn Chainey
Short #2: “The Trail” by Juliane Block
Short #3: “Wo ich bin ist oben” by Bettina Schöller
Short #4: “Repitu” by Jana Richtmeyer
Short #5: “Mein Mallorca” by Bernardette Knoller
Short #6: “Between/Frames/Again” by Tanja Schwerdorf

This Week Guest Short: “Auf wiedersehen Papa” by Sandra Nedeleff.
Synopsis: Little girl Charlie doesn’t know how to cope with the separation of her parents. Inspired by a fairy tale, she believes that her father was poisoned by his new girlfriend. Thus, she tries to free her father from this spell and comes up with a fatal plan…

And our Special Guest for this week is Hannes Brühwiler. During this final session of the month of April, Hannes Brühwiler will speak about his work as a film curator.

See you all Thursday!

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