Shortcutz Berlin – Session #16 (May 19)

This Week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: Mein Mallorca” by Bernardette Knoller
Synopsis: Mallorca is not an Island. Mallorca is a way of life.

Short #2: “Between/Frames/Again” by Tanja Schwerdorf
Synopsis: On the hunt for the ultimate flush, David strolls around the city on a Sunday afternoon. His searching for a life on top has become a repetitive process, which rhythm can only be interrupted by architectural buildings in his imagination. Analogous to the intention of impressionist painters he starts searching for the “unrepeatable moment”.

This Week’s Guest Short: “Eidola” by Giuseppe Boccassini
Synopsis: The video “looks” at the semantic/ experiential micro-universe made of remembers, by showing some frames of an old super 8 film put on the lens of a mini-dv camera, where the figure of a child means a game dimension typical of the old Super 8. Moreover, it “looks” at the cinema as a sort of material to model. The “schizophrenic eye” – the dialectic question between the mechanical and the real eye – is another aspect of the video, that wants to explore the reality and, in particular, the collapse between its mechanical reproduction and the Nature. The interaction between the artfulness of an old film and the automatic digital reproduction made of pixels, here is seen as a concrete act of love able to give an artistic dimension to this new digital mechanic. The title “eidola”, from the Greek “eidolon” (that means ghost, image) in the Democrito and Leucippo’s atomistic philosophy indicates the images of the things that are generated from the collision between the physical atoms of the body and their organs of sense.

Our Special Guest for this week is Nabi Nara. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Nabi Nara is an artist whose work deals with the representation and perception of the self and of our environment. During this session she will present us a short video titled “Der Wald
Synopsis: “Der Wald” is a stop motion video documenting one of Nabi Nara‘s performance through which she tries to feel the space known as “forest” entirely.

Hope to see you all there, it will be a very “arty” session for sure!


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