Shortcutz Berlin – Session #14 (May 5)

This Week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: “Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness” by Bryn Chainey
Synopsis: One day Jonah left his wife and child. He gave no explanation, only a telephone number, before blasting to outer space with his homemade spaceship.

To watch it again, please click here!

For other works from Bryn Chainey, follow this link!

Short #2: “The Trail” by Juliane Block
Synopsis: A girl makes a gruesome discovery when she follows a mysterious blood trail into the forest.

If you want to watch the short again, please check this link!

For more about Juliane Block’s work, just click here!

This Week’s Guest Short: “Further From Words” by Camille Moreno
Synopsis: “Further From Words” is an experimental short that explores the characteristics of our notions of “dialogue” through a brief interaction between lovers, who must use creative methods in order to communicate.

Our Special Guest for this week is Aviv Kosloff, an Israeli director working in Berlin.

Hope to see you all there!


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