Shortcutz Berlin – Session #13 (April 28)

Next Thursday, we will announce the Winner of the month of April!

Short #1: “Busy” by Felix von Seefranz
Short #2: “Status Update” by Ringo Paulusch
Short #3: “Heinrich bringt die Kinder um halb drei” by Hanna Doose
Short #4: “Open Your Mouth” by Sabine Jamme
Short #5: “Manolo” by Robert Bohrer
Short #6: “Märchendising” by Johanna Ickert

This Week Guest Short: “Wackelkontakt” by Ralph Etter.
Synopsis: Sibylle has to deal with her grandmothers senility, while trying to keep on living an ordinary life. As she realises this way of life is no longer possible, she decides to protect herself and her grandmother from the environment, by using atypical methods.

And our Special Guest for this week is Lisa Violetta Gaß. During this final session of the month of April, Lisa Violetta Gaß will present us “Gisberta“, a short film she has directed in 2009.
Synopsis: Four boys grimace back at him as he receives a hard blow to the rib, and his eyes start burning from the shampoo poured over his face. Elischa is one of the more fragile, introverted kind of boys in the boysasylum and has to resist violations by the others again and again. When beautiful Gisberta starts working at the asylum and gets along very well with Elischa, jealousy and resentment take over and the situation threatens to escalate.


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