Shortcutz Berlin – Session #10 (April 7)

This Week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: “Busy” by Felix von Seefranz
Synopsis: Mrs. Schmitt is probably the busiest woman in Berlin. She’s constantly on the run between meetings and phone calls, till one day her world collapses. Her busy behavior seems to follow way other rules then she pretends.

Short #2: “Status Update” by Ringo Paulusch
Synopsis: With Status Update Ringo Paulusch tries to find an answer in the jungle of questions concerning the meaning of life. While appreciating the possibilities of DSLR filmmaking on the one hand and implementig a sophisticated timelapse sequence, he on the other hand also composed the music for this thought-provoking short.

Status Update can be viewed in its integrality on Vimeo.

This Week’s Guest Short: “Lumo” by Antje Heyn
Synopsis: Lumo is a film about interaction between drawer and drawing, between two characters and between thinker and thoughts.

For those who wants to know more about Lumo and Antje Heyn‘s work, they can follow this link to her webpage.

Our Special Guest for this week is Julia Elger, a trained documentary director and a curator. During this session she will present us the Raindance Film Festival, an international film festival covering two continents with seven different venues in seven different cities, including Berlin, for which she works as a consultant.

Starting in May, the Raindance Berlin will offer two new courses, Filmmaker’s Foundation Course and Screenwriter’s Foundation Course. An occasion for those who want to become filmmakers and/or screenwriters to learn or polish their skills.


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