Shortcutz Berlin – Session #09 (March 31)

Next Thursday, we will announce the winner of the month of March! It was for sure a long and interesting month, five weeks and eight different short movies in competition!

Short #1: “The Usual“, by Zubin Sethna
Short #2: “Hetschenpetsch“, by Astrid Rieger
Short #3: “Yesterday My Friend Bought A Bike“, by Ramon Zürcher
Short #4: “Mann und Hund“, by Nati Ornan
Short #5: “Turn Baby, Turn“, by Dagie Brundert
Short #6: “Lichtspuren“, by Claire Walka
Short #7: “Apollo“, by Felix Gönnert
Short #8: “Phase“, by Einar Snorri

This Week Guest Short: “The Investigation“, by Jorgos Loukakos.
Synopsis: Interestingly enough, the work shaped up when the artist unexpectedly got arrested as a terrorist suspect while filming around Tegel airport. The police confiscated the tape he was using at the time – the 12th and last tape of an ongoing project – and sent it to the German Secret Service for examination. Apparently the material found on it must have convinced them of some suspect activity because they summoned him for interrogation only a few days later. Previous to that “incident”, Loukakos had explored the city of Berlin from side to side for four months, searching and waiting for extraordinary things to happen in the most ordinary moments and places.  After his release, the memory of the interrogation naturally came to be the film’s scenario and guided the editing of all the filmed material he had already gathered. The film playfully questions representation and power while showing the uncertain limits between image and fact.

For the interested ones, a sneak peak of “The Investigation”  is available on Vimeo.

And, last but not least, our Special Guest for this week is Frederik Poppenk, a dutch producer based in Berlin. In 2011, he co-founded Likewise Films. He also co-founded the International Filmmakers Network Berlin (Official website and Facebook page), a non-profit film network organizing monthly meeting for filmmakers in Berlin. The IFNB‘s meetings are thought as an open platform for filmmakers to present their work and meet potential collaborators.

To check out the music video Frederik Poppenk presented during the session, check this short article at aufgemischt!com by clicking here!


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