Shortcutz Berlin – Session #07 (March 17)

This Week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: “Turn Baby, Turn” by Dagie Brundert
Synopsis: Sometimes it makes sense to take a new position in your own four walls and watch the world from down there. Or even wear a dirndl and go dancing in rapeseed fields. Unusual combinations increase the connections of the synapses and joy for well-tended craziness.

For more informations about the short and other works made by Dagie Brundert in Super 8, please check her website! And if you ever feel like watching Turn Baby, Turn… please follow this link!

Short #2: “Lichtspuren” by Claire Walka
Synopsis: In the magic atmosphere of a summer night four different people stray around in the dark. For some moments their paths cross and they get closer, but they also drift apart. In the end, they all get together by a tune that makes them feel connected, even if maybe only for this night.

More informations available about Lichtspuren here! And for those that are curious about Claire Walka‘s work, please check her website by clicking here!

This Week’s Guest Short: “Apology” by Costa Kalogiros
Synopsis: Everything has changed after 9th November; Berlin; A Television studio; a TV anchor who’s life completely changed after that night and his three “Mysterious” guests: Millionetus who only cares about money and his family, Anethetus who is not so…ethical, and Old Lady. She is “preaching” through Socrates words from “Apology” In his trial. She looks very exhausted and disappointed from the people blaming us for her becoming; she is wearing worn clothing and has a sickly roe in her head…But her voice…She has a voice so strong and loud, a voice we will never forget. Millonetus and Anethetus don’t give a damn about her but she is trying to tell us something very important that we probably forgot in the way or maybe we have been detached from… But… Who is she anyway?

To watch Apology online, please follow this link!

Our Special Guest for this week is Servet Ahmet Golbol, a Turkish-German author and film director based in Berlin. He will present his most recent work, an interesting and astonishing documentary about identity. For more informations about Zwei halbe Leben sind kein ganzes, take a look here.

And as always, enjoy!!!


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