Shortcutz Berlin – Session #05 (March 3)

This Week’s Competition Shorts are:

Short #1: “The Usual” by Zubin Sethna
Synopsis: Gerda Beckert, a cheerful old lady, suffers from an early-stage of dementia. She lives an independent life, but recently, her moments of forgetfulness seem to increase. With her charms and her humor, she is able to succeed in tricky situations which confront her with her gaining memory loss. But the mental decline is inevitable.

More informations about this short are available at the Facebook Fan Page! And for a sneak peek of The Usual, click here!

Short #2: “Hetschenpetsch” by Astrid Rieger
Synopsis: Robert is living in Betty’s flat. Betty is living in reality. While Betty holds down her job every day, Robert accumulates food like an animal preparing for winter. Wishing for Robert to have a meaningful occupation, Betty tries to place him in the company she is working for. But Robert vanishes.

For more informations about Astrid Rieger‘s work, please check out her website; where a trailer and more informations about Hetschenpetsch are also available to your viewing pleasure and curiosity.

This Week’s Guest Short: “The Line” by Xavier Agudo.
Synopsis: A man searching for the identity of his real parents meets a mysterious woman and learns the tragic story of The Line, where the Berlin Wall used to stand once.

For more informations about The Line and Xavier Agudo, please click here!

Our Special Guest for this week is Pamela Cohn. Pamela Cohn is a producer, a filmmaker as well as a writer and a curator. Tonight, she will present False Friends by Berlin-based filmmaker Sylvia Schedelbauer, a short but daunting and beautiful film.

For more informations about Pamela Cohn‘s work, follow this link, and for Sylvia Schedelbauer, follow this one.


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