Shortcutz Berlin – Session #04 (February 24)

Our first Winner Session! This week we will announce February’s winner.

Here are the short films in competition for this month:

Short #1: “Mein Sascha” by Markus Kaatsch
Short #2: “Perspective” by Dave Lojek
Short #3: “Der kleine Nazi” by Petra Lüschow
Short #4: “Reif” by Stefan Ringelschwandtner
Short #5: “Beine brechen” by Florian Krautkrämer
Short #6: “Esslöffel” by Kate Haase and Sebastian Hühnel

This week’s Guest Short will be: “ROOM 28” by Addie Reiss and Eliana Schejter
Synopsis: The film’s basic assumption is the inability to grasp the inexplicable crimes and atrocities committed during the Second World War. The creators abandon in advance the attempt to tell the story of the five survivors presented in the film. Instead, the five 80 year old women are asked to simply describe the room they shared during the war: room 28 in Ghetto Theresienstadt. The visual images are trying resemble the cognitive activity of remembering the distant past, using objects, colors, and scenes floating for a moment and then descending back into forgetfulness. The accumulative style of the movie is distant, with the focus being on the “void”. The viewer experiences only implicit emotions, and reaches a fragmented catharsis. The film’s significance rises by reflecting this small human story, against the collective memory of the war.

And our Special Guest for this evening will be: MOVIEMIENTO E.V. – Travelling Short Film Festival


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