Shortcutz Berlin – Session #03 (February 17)

This Week’s Competion Shorts are :

Short #1: “Beine brechen” by Florian Krautkramer
Synopsis: Everything seemed to go wrong from within and without. The never-ending official arbitrariness was oppressing, the examining glance outside. But lately, resistance has formed here. With excuses and blinders, the protagonist achieved in building his own world without reacting to the events taking place. But when fate tried to force him into making a decision, he chooses again a facade constructed of lies and spectacle. „Breaking legs“ is a silent movie. It makes room for the linguistic incapability of the protagonist, but the inter-titles try to explore this format.

For more informations about the short and to see the trailer, please check this link!

Short #2: “Esslöffel” by Kate Haase and Sebastian Huhnel
Synopsis: A woman eats spoons to become pregnant.

For more informations and trailer, just click here!

This Week’s Guest Short: “Scratch” by Robin Lochmann and Niall Sheerin
Synopsis: Scratch tells the story of Sean, a mysterious man on a journey through one night toward … something.

To watch it, please follow this link!

Our Special Guest for this week is Christian Kahrmann, german actor which has been working since 1985 in numerous feature films and TV series, between Germany and New York.

For more info on Christian Kahrmann’s work, just click here!


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