Shortcutz Berlin – Session #02 (February 10)

This Week’s Competing Shorts:

Short #1: “Der kleine Nazi” by Petra Lüschow
Synopsis: Family Wölkel will celebrate Christmas at Grandma’s like every year, and an unpleasant surprise awaits them: Grandma Wölkel has let the the Nazi Christmas of her childhood come back to life. That would perhaps not be the problem, if only they had not a guest from Israel visiting today. One thing the Wölkels certainly do not want to be considered-Nazis. But only a monstrous fact helps the family to deny the truth.

You can watch the trailer here!

Short #2: “Reif” by Stefan Ringelschwandtner
Synopsis: The encounter of two exceptionally gifted people around 30 who are feeling alienated in the common world. The film shows the first clumsy advances of two friends.

To watch Reif and check other works from Stefan Ringelschwandtner, please click here!

This Week’s Guest Short: “Paint Job” by Dieter Priming
Synopsis: Daniel, a street painter who just paints lines on the street, dotted, solid, white or yellow. He is not an artist. Or is he? He finds out when upside down girl Ruby starts to mess up his life.

Our Special Guest for this week is Filipe Pereira, representing NISI MASA (European Network of Young Cinema) and director of Fest – Training Ground.


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