Shortcutz Berlin #95 – Winner Session – Wednesday, October 29th


The last screening of October is here! Find out who the “Winner of the Month” of Shortcutz Berlin is – join us on Wednesday and you´ll get to watch it!
The shorts running for competition this month are:

Short #1: “The Elevator”, by Zuzanna Grajzer
Short #2: “Aesthetic Rebellion”, by Vera Ziegler
Short #3: “Dis”, by Sverre Ayne
Short #4: “Fliegen”, by Katharina Woll
Short #5: “Ente und Anfang”, by Rike Hoppe
Short #6: “Marlene und Liv”, by Tatjana Scheel

The Guest Short is “Mila Caos“, by Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau

Synopsis: Sebastian, a 17-year-old Cuban, transforms himself at weekends on illegal drag shows in the suburbs of Havana in Mila Caos“. He suffers from the feigned indifference of his mother and dreams that one day she sees him on stage.

The Special Guest of the evening is KINOMATIC, an App that is a way to sketch in video wherever you are – whether you don’t have your full kit, but you do have your phone in your pocket just when something happens, you need to grab some b-roll fast or you’re in the middle of a big film project and you want to quickly shoot and collate some ideas/shots/experiments.

Don´t forget – the entrance is FREE!  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Shortcutz Berlin #94 Session – October 22nd

Hello everyone!
The last 2 shorts in competition in October are going to be screened this Wednesday! They are:

Ente und Anfang“, by Rike Hoppe

Synopsis: A father explains his daughter how life works. As he can see, it doesn’t at all.

Marlene und Liv“, by Tatjana Scheel
Synopsis: Berlin. Two people in love. One of them is leaving.

The Special Guest of the evening is Thomas Zandegiacomo, from Zebra Poetry Film Festival. The festival took place last week and Thomas is bringing us 3 of the winners:

The Aegean or the Anus of Death, by Eleni Gioti (Greece 2014), 7:30 min
Poem: The Aegean or the Anus of Death  by Jazra Khaleed
La’eb Al Nard / The Dice Player, by Nissmah Roshdy (Egypt 2013), 3 min
Poem: La’eb Al Nard  by Mahmoud Darwish
Pipene / The Pipes, Kristian Pedersen (Norway 2014), 3 min,
Poem: Pipene by Øyvind Rimbereid
The producer of the film The Pipes will be present with us at Shortcutz Berlin too!
Looking forward to seeing u there!

The entrance is FREE! Come and bring all your friends/family :)

Shortcutz Berlin #93 Session – October 15th


The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Dis“, by Sverre Ayne

Synopsis: An old woman recreates memories of a lost love through the smell of his clothes.

Short #2: “Fliegen“, by KatharinaWoll

Synopsis: Ten year old Jonas lives with his ill mother in a small two bedroom apartment. One day he watches from his window as a circus troupe passes by. Later he comes across the troupe again. This time he follows them through the suburbs and is lead into a strange and fascinating world.

The Special Guest is Alexei Dmitrev , filmmaker-curator. one of the busiest figures in the international circus of film festivals. His films were screened at over 300 festivals, including Tribeca and Tampere. He will screen the following shorts:

- The Shadow of Your Smile! (2014)
– Hermeneutics! (2012)
– Abstract?! (2009)
– Dubus (2005)

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

The entrance is FREE.

Shortcutz Berlin #92 Session – Wednesday, October 8th

sc92Shortcutz Berlin is starting back again!
After the Summer break we come back with the weekly screenings from October 8th onwards – same place, same time! That means: doors open at 20.30, the screening itself starts at 21.00.

The competition shorts are:

Short #1: “The Elevator“, by Zuzanna Grajzer

Synopsis: Nothing’s more is gonna happen between Ben and Aleksandra tonight. Or is it?

Short #2: “Aesthetic Rebellion“, by Vera Ziegler

Synopsis: This short documentary shows 4 characters living in Bogotá, expressing their beliefs and passions through their tattoos. One ex gang member, one tattooer, one strong believer and one soccer fan take us to their worlds and share their convictions, which they put into pictures on their skins. Could this be a kind of aesthetic rebellion against the normal?

The Special Guest is Sebastian Brose, director of achtung berlin – new berlin film award! Sebastian will talk to us about one of the biggest festivals of Berlin! All filmmakers, send your films, the deadline to apply for the 2015 edition of Achtung Berlin is December 31st! Check their website here.

The Guest Short is “Circuit“, by Robert Gwisdek – the “Best Short” winner from Achtung Berlin’s last edition in April this year!

Synopsis: An electrician is trapped in a looping room and goes mad.

Plus, you’ll get the chance to meet our 2 new jury members – Sandra Nedeleff, actress and director, and Bartholomew Sammut, among other things, director of the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please share the event and invite all your friends, family and pets!

The entrance is FREE :)

Shortcutz Berlin – Winner of the Month of May 2014

And the “Winner of the Month of May” is “Chaja & Mimi”, by Eric Esser ! Congratulations to Eric and his team!

Jury statement: “Very simply, hardly a “production” or “film”, but it kept my interest all the time. The two women are most convincing” – Jan Halan



Synopsis: Chaja Florentin and Mimi Frons have been best friends for 83 years. Born and raised in Berlin, they had to escape from the Nazis to Palestine with their families in 1934. They talk about their complicated relationship with Berlin in a Tel Aviv café where they meet everyday. A film about friendship, homeland and identity.

Shortcutz Berlin #91 Winner Session – May 28th

The last screening of Shortcutz Berlin is taking place this Wednesday – The May Winner Session! We will have a break during the Summer and will come back later in the Fall.

Please check the shorts running for competition this month:

Short #1: “Die Fliehkraft des Kometen“, by Felix Ahrens
Short #2: “Evil Twin”, by Christian Pfeil
Short #3: “Half you met my girlfriend“, by Nicolas de Leval Jezierski
Short #4: “Woanders“, by Nossa Schäfer
Short #5: “Chaja & Mimi“, by Eric Esser
Short #6: “Poem in the Key of Freedom minor“, by Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat

We will announce and screen the Winner of the Month of May, voted by our jury.

The Out of Competition Short is “Carrousel”, by Sophie Kluge.

Synopsis: The Film tells the story of Clara who falls in love with Gaspard, a young man from Paris. She knows that it is a risky plan, when she decides to go to the city of love and light to surprise him. Gaspard is not there. She waits and wonders about, still hoping to meet him but he is nowhere to be found. Paris can be just as sad and lonely as it can be beautiful, if you have the wrong expectations. Carrousel is about missed opportunities, false longings and at the same time it is a declaration of love to Berlin and Paris.

Find more information about the short here.

The Special Guest is Robin Lochmann, filmmaker. Robin was born and raised in Ireland. After graduating from film school Robin produced numerous short films and then quickly went on to work as a production supervisor and cameraman for television. In 2009 Robin moved to Berlin and set up the International Filmmakers Network Berlin and continued to direct numerous music videos, short films, fashion films and commercials. As well as directing Robin now works in postproduction as an editor and compositor for television, commercials, music videos and art films. He will screen is short film “Missing” and also his brand new project “Vector Equilibrium”. Find more info about Robin’s work here.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!