Shortcutz Berlin Awards – more info soon in January 2015

Dear all Shortcutz Berlin fans,

than you once more for being with us one more year!

2014 is now coming to an end and Shortcutz Berlin is going to take a break for Christmas and NYE. In the meantime, we are preparing the Shortcutz Berlin Awards 2014 – more info coming in January next year.

For those of you who haven’t participated our previous editions – first in . HBC Berlin, then in URban Spree – what can you expect? Well, it will be a cosy award ceremony during which not only the Best Short of the Year 2014 will be rewarded (among all the “Winners of the Month” from 2014), but also the best work in 11 other categories.












And then, after the last award as been given out, it will be time to party together.  Stay tuned for the full list of nominees and the full event details - date and place to be set soon!

Shortcutz Berlin #102 Winner Session – Wednesday December 17th


The last screening of the year is coming this Wednesday – we are waiting for all of you!|

It is also the “Winner Session” of December and we will announce and screen the winner short of this month, voted by our jury!

The shorts running for competition this month are:

Short #1:”Läufer”, by Carolina Hellsgård
Short #2:”The Z-Question”, by Sebastian Matthias Weissbach
Short #3:”Sie So, Er so”, by Gregor Dashuber
Short #4:”Business as Usual”, by Lenn Kudrjawizki

The Guest Short is “Leben Lassen”, by Felix Charin

Synopsis: Irina Rybakova, a Russian woman of 55 years, lives illegally in Germany, working as a 24-hour nurse – in the home of Johann Kreutz, who was in Russia 67 years ago, as a commanding Nazi SS-Officer. Today, suffering from severe dementia, he demands immense around-the clock care.

The Special Guest of the evening is Tobias Deike, animation filmmaker graduated in the HFF-Potsdam. He will screen his animation short “Das Herz des Stromboli”. Tobias has also a small exhibition with some of his drawings from this short film – the first time ever we have an exhibition at Shortcutz Berlin :)

The program speaks for itself, so…. what are you waiting for? See you all there!


Shortcutz Berlin #101 Session – Wednesday, December 10th


The last round of competition this month is coming! Check out the 2 last shorts competing for “Winner of the Month” of December:

Short #1: “Sie So, Er so”, Gregor Dashuber

Synopsis: A romantic comedy until the bitter end.

Short #2: “Business as Usual”, Lenn Kudrjawizki

Synopsis: A fully loaded plane is ready to start. The last mobile call is quickly coming to an end. A nervous hand counts the pearls of a prayer bead. Fear spreads: Moinul, an Arab, is on board and the last free seat in the economy class is situated beside him. When Eva enters the plane and refuses to take her place alongside Moinul, threat of conflict escalates. Only the pilot steers the situation on the right course.

The Special Guest of the evening is Dennis Raetzel, filmmaker. He will present his short film “Light Warriors” and talk to us about his feature film – Dennis will also present us with its trailer.

The Light Warriors are an organization constantly fighting the end of the world. In 2012 they initiated a kickstarter campaign to save the world on December 21st 2012.
You can see the campaign video here. The film satirically deals with the crowd funding hype and the 2012 Mayan calendar apocalypse prophecy.

The Guest Short is “Light Warriors”, by Dennis Raetze

The entrance is free! See you all there!

Shortcutz Berlin #100 Session – Wednesday, December 3rd


Another round of Shortcutz Berlin is here! December has arrived and with it the last month of competition shorts of this year!
Check out the program for this Wednesday and bring all your friends along!

The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Läufer”, Carolina Hellsgård

Synopsis: Amal, a 13-year-old refugee from Lebanon, deals drugs in the Hannover subway system. He lives an isolated life in an asylum home outside the city. One day he meets a young German girl called Clara, who might be his savior.
Short #2: “The Z-Question”, Sebastian Matthias Weissbach

Synopsis: In every relationship, there comes a time when you just have to figure out where all of this is going. To some it’s the first vacation, to others it’s the zombie apocalypse. But that’s not the end of the world! Well… You know…

The Special Guest is Aviv Kosloff, director

The Guest Shorts are: “Feeling Like Eric”, by Aviv Kosloff -winner of the 48 Hour Film Project Berlin 2014

LAst but not least… LET THEM EAT CAKE – for our 100th screening we will have cake for you! So please come prepared :D

This event is, as usual, with FREE ENTRANCE!

See you all there!

Shortcutz Berlin #99 Winner Session – November 26th


Join us for the November “Winner Session” this Wednesday! The shorts running for the competition are:

Short #1: “Mein Sohn“, by Eliza Petkova
Short #2: “Lés Fidélites“, by Côme Ledésert
Short #3: “Temporary Discomfort“, by Simon Benro
Short #4: “Oddleif“, by Christof Bekedam and Sixten Sanne
Short #5: “Diebe” , Lauro Cress
Short #6: “Cheery-Oh“, Jan Koester

The Special Guest is Dimitris Argyriou, director & producer, art director at Shortcutz Berlin and found of New Born Short Film Agency.
He will present his award winning short film, Τhe Dinner I Το Δείπνο – A Short Film by Dimitris Argyriou and his dance film “First Contact”.

The Guest Short is “El Carro Azul“, by Valerie Heine

Synopsis: His grandmother´s death brings Hansel from San Francisco back to Cuba to take care of his brother Marcos.  The two brothers have grown apart. With the help of an old family game Hansel attempts to restore his brother’s trust that has been lost over the years.

Shortcutz Berlin #98 Session – November 19th


Another round of Shortcutz Berlin is here!
Check out the program for this Wednesday and bring all your friends along!

The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Diebe” , Lauro Cress

Synopsis: Benny and Franz are thieves. The brothers steal jeans in shopping centers and boutique stores. Their routine involves a scam in which Benny, the younger of the two, has to play the ungrateful role of the decoy. When they encounter an overstrung shop assistant, it becomes clear to Franz that Benny’s not going to let himself be pushed around very much longer.

Short #2: “Cheery-Oh“, Jan Koester

Synopsis: The band Seeed tries to survive in a weird garden full of strange surprises.

The Special Guest is Michael Rittmannsberger, director based in Berlin and Vienna who works in cinema and advertising.

More information about Michael´s work in his website.

The Guest Shorts are:

“ABGESTEMPELT” by Michael Rittmannsberger

Synopsis: After being checked by the police, a young father of Arabic origin fails to explain the situation to his son – unaware that the most inexplicable happenings are yet to come.

“SISTER”, by Michael Rittmannsberger

Synopsis: story of loss, narrated with simple methods of slow motion.

This event is, as usual, with FREE ENTRANCE!

See you all there!

Shortcutz Berlin #97 Session – November 12th






Another week of competition shorts is here! Come and share a great evening of watching short films with us!
The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Temporary Discomfort“, by Simon Benro

Synopsis: A young man DEREK is visited by his ex girlfriend MAGGIE in a hotel room. During this visit they both come to terms with the end of their relationship.

Short #2: “Oddleif“, by Christof Bekedam and Sixten Sanne

Synopsis: A short film and social experiment on the streets of Berlin.

The Special Guest is Marlene Melchior, writer, co-director and actress of the series Big Heads.

As guest shorts we will have the 3 first episodes of their web series – The 3rd episode is a premiere”

Don´t forget: the entrance is FREE! Looking forward to seeing you all there!